Duccio Pasolini Parfums is Launching ‘Viola’ and ‘Giallo'

Duccio Pasolini Parfums is Launching ‘Viola’ and ‘Giallo'

NEW YORK, NY - August 26, 2019 Duccio Pasolini has released a new line of women's perfumes which will be available at the end of August. Viola and Giallo, are not to be confused with one another as they carry similarities though they have quite different personalities. Both made with 18% oil concentration, are perfect for everyday wear at work, workout regime, or a night out with friends.

Ghiaccio Viola is designed for the woman who enjoys the sensual and passionate aspects of life. Leading with a polished blend of citrus, fruit, and floral notations, Viola begins with luscious green apple, citrus, and juicy white peach, followed by watermelon with delicate rose water, and ending with notes of sandalwood and musk. Captivated in a gorgeous shade of violet, the bottle is nearly a heart shape making it perfect for the vibrant and compassionate woman.

Ghiaccio Giallo combines the beauty and strength of a woman merging lovely scents of citrus, woody, and amber. Emerging with clean lemon, sweet mandarin oranges, and crisp green apple, creating an astonishing flavor mixing amber, white musk, and cedar. The bottle mirrors Viola except in a medallion-gold shade, that harnesses the strength and power of a woman who is resilient, yet elegant.

Viola and Giallo by Duccio Pasolini are currently being offered in 100mL for $150.00 (USA) and $199 (CA) respectfully, purchased directly on their website, and sold exclusively at all Perfumes 4U, Parfum Europa, Melhores Perfumes, Gifts & Perfumes 4U, and Espace Beaute locations in United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

To learn more about these fragrances or to purchase your Duccio Pasolini favorite scents, please visit www.ducciopasolini.com.

About Perfumes 4U:

Perfumes 4U is a Miami, Florida based retail company that provides authentic perfumes from designers, exclusive perfumes, private labels, hard-to-find perfumes, colognes and related gifts for men, women, and children that cannot be found locally. Since 2011, Perfumes 4U has consistently provided perfumes that are from private collections, unique, made in France, and it has 24% oil fragrance concentration which results in the aroma staying on much longer than other fragrances.

About Duccio Pasolini Parfums:

Founded in March 2018, Duccio Pasolini Parfums is a new Italian perfume house that provides French perfumes with an 18% oil fragrance concentration. Duccio Pasolini Parfums epitomize Vigor, Elegance, Athleticism and European fashion.The Parfum Extracts have an 18% oil concentration, which is higher than most competing Parfums yet perfect for everyday wear, whether at work, with friends or doing sports. The Duccio Pasolini Parfums are made in France and are of the highest quality.